Breakfast Menu
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Fresh Porridge
Made with milk or water with your choice of Sweet, Salty or Plain

Naturally Smoked Kippers
With Butter and Lemon

Poached Smoked Haddock
Spinach, poached egg

Smoked Salmon
Scrambles eggs, brown toast

Eggs Benedict
Prosciutto ham, poached egg on an english muffin with hollandaise sauce

Eggs Royal
Smoked salmon, poached egg on an english muffin with hollandaise sauce

Eggs Florentine
Spinach, poached egg on an english muffin with hollandaise sauce

Full English
Local pork sausage, bacon, flat mushroom, cherry tomatoes, black pudding, hash brown with an egg (Fried, Scrambled or Poached)

Scotch Pancakes
With a choice of Bacon & Maple syrup or Fresh berries & Coulis

Selection of Tea, Coffee, Toast and Cereal (inclusive of pastries)

Breakfasts are Inclusive for all Hotel Residents

Non residents – Please see Walk in Breakfast menu

Walk In Breakfast

Americano ~ £2.20
Cappuccino ~ £2.60
Latte ~ £2.70
Flat White ~ £2.60
Single Espresso ~ £2.10
Double Espresso ~ £2.40
Hot Chocolate ~ £2.70
Decaffeinated Coffee Available

Soft Drinks
Frobisher Juices

All ~ £2.80

Orange & Passionfruit
Apple & Mango
Apple & Raspberry

All ~ £2.80

Traditional English
Local Pork Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Black Pudding, Field Mushroom, Grilled Tomato, Hash Brown, choice of Fried, Poached or Scrambled Egg and toast ~ £9.00

Extra Sausage, Bacon or Black Pudding £2.00, Egg, Hash Brown, Tomato or Mushroom £1.50

Sausage Sandwich ~ £3.50

Bacon Sandwich ~ £3.50

Add Fried Egg ~ £1.50 Add Sausage or Bacon ~ £2.00

Hot Porridge made with Quaker oats and Skimmed Milk. You’re choice of Sweet, Salty or Plain ~ £3.50

Scotch Pancakes served with crisp Smoked Bacon and Canadian Maple Syrup or with Fresh Berries, Fruit Coulis & Creme Fraiche ~ £6.00

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg on Toast ~ £6.50

Poached Naturally Smoked Haddock with Poached Egg and Buttered Spinach ~ £6.00

Eggs Benedict – Parma Ham, Poached Egg & Hollandaise Sauce ~ £6.00

Eggs Royal – Smoked Salmon, Poached Egg & Hollandaise Sauce ~ £6.00

Eggs Florentine – Butter wilted Spinach, Poached Egg & Hollandaise Sauce ~ £5.50

A La Carte


Soup of the day: Roasted Butternut Squash – £6

Prawn Cocktail – £8

(Prawns in Marie Rose sauce, mixed leaf salad, king prawn, lemon and 

baby gem lettuce) 

Shell on King Prawns in White wine reduction – £8

(Pan fried King prawns in garlic butter then coated white wine and lemon juice)

Fish Cakes-£6

(Fishcakes made with Smoked Haddock, Smoked Salmon and Smoked Kippers

with a beetroot and sweet potato salad)

Prawns Tempera – £8

(Deep fried King prawns in a crispy batter served with salad and sweet chili sauce)

Pan seared Pigeon Breast – £8

Pan seared pigeon breast marinated in coarse black pepper, Malden sea salt and extra virgin olive oil with a mushroom, madeira and cream sauce)


Tomato Bruschetta – Vegan Option – £6.50

(Sliced Artisan bread with cherry tomatoes, garlic and Meldon Sea salt. Also comes with Olive oil and balsamic dip)



Sirloin Steak with Dauphinoise Potatoes, Wild Mushroom, Broccoli and Roast Vegetables – £29

(Cooking preference optional for steak, creamy garlic and cheesy potatoes, pan-fried wild mushroom, peppercorn sauce and roasted sweet potato, carrots, aubergine and courgette.)


Lemon & Herb Roast Chicken with Fondant Potatoes, Asparagus, Roast Vegetables and White Wine Jus – £22 

(Chicken supreme marinated in thyme and lemon, creamy garlic and cheesy potatoes, asparagus and roasted sweet potato, aubergine and courgette)


Pan Fried Sea Bass with coconut dressing, Crushed potatoes Asparagus and Roast Vegetables – £19 for 1 fillet/£23.50 for 2 fillet

(Sea Bass pan fried with salt, black pepper olive oil and lemon juice and white wine, Coconut dressing; shell fish stock, coconut milk, coconut cream, lemon grass, ginger, thyme, garlic and spring onion, crushed new potatoes with herbs and butter, roasted sweet potato, aubergine and courgette)


Confit Belly of Pork with Apple & Rosemary Potato Puree, Roast Vegetables, Asparagus and a Sweet Apple Jus – £24

(Slow cooked Pork Belly with potatoes pureed with butter, cream, herbs and apple compote)


Braised Lamb Shank with Crushed New Potatoes, Roast Vegetables and 

Asparagus – £28

(Lamb shank slowly cooked in a rich red wine stock flavored with mint)


Hot – Seafood Platter with Fries and Side Salad – £27

(Comes with grilled sea bass, scallops, king prawns and battered cod)


Caramelized Onion and Potato Cake with wild mushroom, Asparagus, Broccoli, roasted cherry tomatoes, Humus – £16

Bar Menu

Cod & Chips with Mushy Peas & Tartar Sauce – £14

(Cod fried in beer batter, hand cut chunky chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce)


Fish Cakes with Sweet Potato and Beetroot Salad – £16

(Fishcakes made with Smoked Haddock, Smoked Salmon and Smoked Kippers)


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger with Fries – £15

(Chicken breast coated in butter milk and breadcrumbs, comes with mixed leaf, sliced tomato, gherkins, and burger relish)


Beef Rump Burger with Fries – £15

(Homemade beef Pattie with mixed leaves burger relish, tomato and gherkin)

Sample of Sandwiches

Black Bomber cheese and tomato – £6.95


Ham and mustard – £6.95


Smoked Salmon with cream cheese – £7.50


Roast Beef and Horseradish  – £7.50


Roast Pork and Apple  – £6.95



Lemon Posset with berry compote – £8


Caribbean Pineapple – £7

(Pineapple cooked in spiced rum and brown sugar served warm with vanilla ice cream)


Raspberry Cheesecake – £8


Bread and butter pudding with vanilla ice cream or custard – £8


Cheeseboard – £8

(Selection of cheeses; Bomber cheddar, Brie, Stilton and smoked apple wood)

Warm Chocolate Brownie with salted caramel ice cream – £8


Bar Menu


Cod & Chips with Mushy Peas & Tartar Sauce – £14

(Cod fried in beer batter, hand cut chunky chips, mushy peas and tartar sauce)


Fish Cakes with Sweet Potato and Beetroot Salad – £16

(Fishcakes made with Smoked Haddock, Smoked Salmon and Smoked Kippers)


Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger with Fries – £15

(Chicken breast coated in butter milk and breadcrumbs, comes with mixed leaf, sliced tomato, gherkins, and burger relish)


Beef Rump Burger with Fries – £15

(Homemade beef Pattie with mixed leaves burger relish, tomato and gherkin)

Freshly Made Daily Sandwiches


Black Bomber cheese and tomato – £6.95


Ham and mustard – £6.95


Smoked Salmon with cream cheese – £7.50


Roast Beef and Horseradish  – £7.50


Roast Pork and Apple  – £6.95



Contemporary bar offering a wide range of ales, lagers, spirits, with a choice of over 70 gins and an extensive wine list.

Freshly prepared bar classics, daily specials and sandwiches are available in the bar 12.00 to 2.30 pm and bar classics and daily specials 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

White Wines

Light, Crisp and Refreshing
These wines are of the taste-bud tingling variety, a really lively, mouth-watering selection that make perfect partners with fish and shellfish. Our Sauvignon Blanc comes from way down in the South of France where the oysters practically leap out of The Mediterranean onto your plate, absolutely delicious! Delicate Chenin Blanc is always an easy-drinking option but if you feel like something a li”le different they why not try the sensational Gaillac Blanc, it is the perfect wine for dry white lovers: crisp and fresh yet with plenty of character and fruit.

1. Pinot Grigio, Viala (Italy) 175ml £4.35 / £15.50
2. Sauvignon Blanc, Henri de Richemer (France) 175ml £4.35 / £15.50
3. Chenin Blanc, Neil Joubert (South Africa) 175ml £4.35 / £15.50
4. Muscadet sur Lie, Château de la Cormerais (Loire Valley) £17.65
5. Gaillac Blanc, Château Clement!Termes (Regional France) £19.85
6. Sauvignon Touraine, Guy Allion (Loire Valley) £21.00
7. Vernaccia di San Gimignano (Italy) £23.50

Elegant and Mineral
A selection of beautifully pure, unoaked wines that are absolutely perfect to accompany grilled fish dishes or simply to enjoy on their own. Stylish wines that reflect the quality of the “terroir” on which the vines are raised. Chablis is always popular and ours comes from a small family producer, traditionally made, wonderfully steely and refreshing. Spain’s answer to Chablis is Albariño, a really popular grape variety with a li”le more body than its french counterpart and well worth a try. If Sauvignon is more your cup of tea (so to speak) then our subtle, elegant Sancerre from the delightfully passionate (about winemaking!) Philippe Raimbault is an absolute must.

8. Chardonnay ‘The Navigator’, Robert Oatley (Margaret River, W. Australia) £25.75
9. Chablis, Domaine Fourrey (Burgundy) £27.75
10. Sancerre, Domaine Raimbault (Loire Valley) £33.00
11. Albariño, San Campio (Spain) £34.50
12. Pouilly Fumé, Cuvée d’Eve, Jean!Claude Dagueneau (Loire Valley) £39.75

New World Sauvignon Blanc
Lively, fresh and full of fruit, this group of ‘zippy’ whites is so popular it needs a slot all of its own. A sensational discovery is our Seven Springs Sauvignon from a newly established, up-and-coming vineyard in South Africa, bursting with fruit and full of character, it really has the ‘wow’ factor and is great with seafood. If you prefer a more traditional style then opt for the New Zealand Little Beauty from Marlborough, a really classy wine and winner of double gold medals, crafted by the former winemaker of Cloudy Bay.

13. Urban Sauvignon Blanc, Fournier (Chile) £19.95
14. Sauvignon Blanc, Seven Springs (South Africa) £27.50
15. Sauvignon Blanc, Little Beauty (Marlborough, New Zealand) £32.50

Off!dry, Aromatic and Floral
If you are looking for something to match a slightly spicy dish, then these are the wines for you. With instant aromatic appeal on the nose, Torres Esmeralda is wonderfully perfumed on the palate and has a long, lingering finish, sublime with all things oriental. A li”le more delicate is the Villa Wolf dry Riesling with its floral bouquet and citrusy ‘edge’. But for a luscious, flavoursome, mouth-filling star, our lovely Alsatian ‘gewur#’ has lashings of ripe fruit flavours and a really elegant, spicy off-dry finish.

16. Chardonnay/Torrontes, Las Manitos (Argentina) 175ml £4.35 / £15.50
17. Torres Esmeralda Moscatel/Gewurtztraminer (Spain) £19.95
18. Dry Riesling, Villa Wolf (Germany) £22.50
19. Blanc de Mer, Bouchard Finlayson (Walker Bay, South Africa) £24.50
20. Riesling, Framingham (Marlborough, New Zealand) £28.50
21. Gewurtztraminer, Réné Scherer (Alsace) £32.75

Complex and Classic
A multi-layered, serious gathering of white Burgundies, these luscious Chardonnays really linger on the palate and get the tastebuds dancing. Always a crowd-pleaser, Macon Lugny is well known and never disappoints. For something a li”le different, our St. Veran is full of character and sumptuous fruit that develops and fascinates with every sip. If you are in the mood for a real ‘spoil’ then Domaine Larue’s great Puligny offers a ‘millefeuille’ of aromas and flavours, a wine with a serious pedigree for that special occasion.

22. Macon Villages, Florières, Caves de Lugny (Burgundy) £21.95
23. St. Veran, Domaine Le Moulin du Pont (Burgundy) £29.95
24. Chablis, Premier Cru, Côtes de Lechet, Domaine Fourrey (Burgundy) £36.50
25. Meursault, Les Grands Charrons, Domaine Guy Bocard (Burgundy) £59.50
26. Chassagne Montrachet, Les Blanchots Dessous, Coffinet!Duvernay £62.00
27. Puligny Montrachet, Premier Cru, Sous Les Puits, Domaine Larue (Burgundy) £69.50

Rose Wines

No longer just a ‘girlie’ tipple, rosé wines are really deserving of their own section nowadays. Most fashionable currently is all-time favourite pinot grigio in its pink form, perfect as an apéritif or with seafood dishes, with a li”le sunshine thrown in for preference. Our Léger 11 offers a lower alcohol alternative yet still has plenty of fruit and flavour, made from 100% Syrah. Still winning awards is the Sancerre from Domaine Raimbault, famously served at the milestone birthday of a certain

“X Factor” judge.
28. Leger 11, Syrah, Henri de Richemer (France) 175ml £4.35 / £15.50
29. Pinot Grigio, Botter (Italy) £17.50
30. Sancerre Rosé, Domaine Raimbault (Loire Valley) £29.50

Red Wines

Easy Drinking, Lighter Styles
Sometimes you fancy a glass of red but nothing too heavy and that’s when this lighter style group of wines comes into its own. Tempranillo is such a user-friendly grape variety it never fails to please and falls into the ‘good with everything’ category. An all time favourite of ours is the artisan-produced Gamay that is deliciously fruity with just a hint of spice and very easy-drinking, a great one to choose if you fancy red with fish. If you really can’t decide then try our gentle merlot from Chile that is really soft, smooth and very more-ish.

31. Tempranillo, Castillo del Moro (Spain) £15.50
32. Merlot, Finca el Picador (Chile) £15.50
33. Bardolino Classico, Zonin (Italy) £17.95
34. Klippenkop Pinotage (Paarl, South Africa) £21.00
35. Ara, Pinot Noir (Marlborough, New Zealand) £27.50
36. Gamay, Raisin Gaulois (Beaujolais) £27.50
37. Joseph Faiveley, Pinot Noir (Burgundy) £28.50

Warm and Spicy
If your heart is in Italy then our cherried Chianti is the wine to evoke memories of a Tuscan terrace: smooth, voluptuous and full of ripe fruit, a real stunner. A recent addition from down under, the Robert Oatley Shiraz is a real blockbuster, bursting with brambley fruit that is rounded by generous, soft tannins. From the rising star producers Jean-Francois Dauvergne and Francois Ranvier, our Côtes du Rhône is an absolute gem, simply dripping with pure syrah fruit and a generous spicy finish, delicious.

38. Shiraz/Malbec, Las Manitos (Argentina) 175ml £4.35 / £15.50
39. Rioja Crianza, Coelus (Spain) 175ml £5.75 / £22.50
40. Côtes du Rhône, Dauvergne Ranvier (Rhône Valley) £22.95
41. Shiraz ‘The Navigator’, Robert Oatley (Western Australia) £25.50
42. Cathar, Roble (Ribera del Duero, Spain) £28.50
43. Peppoli Chianti Classico, Antinori (Italy) £34.50

Fine and Classic
Whether your preference is for Rioja, Bordeaux or Burgundy, we have chosen excellent examples from our favourite communes or growers to appeal to serious winelovers. Each wine is an archetypal demonstration of its ‘appellation’ or region. Our Brouilly is from a Beaujolais specialist, you will find it traditional and wellstructured with good backbone and lovely fruit, also delicious served chilled. Henri Delagrange is a true rising star of Burgundy, his Volnay is an absolute delight, lovingly crafted with fruit from old vines, probably our best find yet!

44. Brouilly, Crêt des Garanches (Beaujolais) £29.50
45. St. Emilion, Château Treytins (Bordeaux) £33.00
46. Rioja Reserva, Marques de Murrieta (Spain) £39.95
47. Volnay, Vieilles Vignes, Henri Delagrange 2009 (Burgundy) £53.50
48. Boyd Cantenac, Margaux 2002 (Bordeaux) £79.50
49. Château Gruaud Larose, St. Julien 2003 (Bordeaux) £88.00

Full and Flavoursome
When you are in the mood for some good, solid flavour, these big, bold wines will happily stand up to a robust meaty dish and really warm the cockles of your heart. Château Vaugelas is a new ‘find’ and this spicy, fruitful blend of grenache, carignan and mourvedre is a seriously ‘foodie’ wine, asking for some intensely flavoured food to enhance its generous character. An immensely powerful blend, our Châteauneuf du Pape works perfectly with game in all its guises, real power combined with style and elegance, from one of the great names of the Rhône Valley. For a less complex but nonetheless satisfying red, Henri de Richemer in the South of France produce a pure, unadulterated Cabernet that is a real hit with us and “does what it says on the tin”.

50. Cabernet Sauvignon, Henri de Richemer (France) 175ml £4.35 / £15.50
51. Los Vascos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rothschild (Chile) £23.75
52. Carmenère Reserva, La Poda Corta (Chile) £24.50
53. Château Vaugelas, “V” (Corbières) £32.50
54. Châteauneuf du Pape, Télégramme, Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe (Rhône) £52.50


Naturally, the classic names speak for themselves whether you were brought up on “The Widow” or baptised with “Bolli” one of them will, no doubt, have a special meaning for you and bring back happy memories of celebrations with family and friends. The familiar dumpy bo!le of L.P. rosé is always appealing and provides us with a pre!y glass of bubbles that is full of strawberry and raspberry flavours with a wonderfully subtle colour. Our delicious Champagne Joseph Perrier has a very appealing, biscuity style with a toasty nose and fine, elegant mousse. JP is a classic blend of the holy trinity: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and very highly thought of across The Channel.

55. Gruet, n.v. ( as served in the European Parliament!) £36.50
56. Joseph Perrier, Cuvée Royale, n.v. £42.50
57. Veuve Clicquot, Yellow Label, brut, n.v. £54.50
58. Laurent Perrier Rosé, n.v. £68.50
59. Vintage Bollinger, Grande Reserve, £86.50
60. Cuvée Dom Perignon £140.00
61. Cristal, Louis Roederer £195.00

Sparkling Wines

For when you just need some fizz: Ascot, Glyndebourne, The King’s Head Great Bircham …
62. Prosecco, Ca’ Bolani (Italy) £22.95